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Where Have the Birds Gone?



Thank you, Amy Gustin, for continuing to speak out for wildlife ("Our Shrinking Habitat," July 6). Is anyone listening?

My property is mostly forested. Until a few years ago, the woods were crisscrossed with deer paths. Brush in the clearings was nibbled down and my pet roses had to be fenced. Squirrels rustled the leaves overhead and argued with one another. Hawks and eagles perched on the treetops and dived for prey in the meadow. Wild turkeys browsed in the tall grass.

All are now conspicuous by their absence. The woods have become silent and empty. Very few songbirds remain.

Where are the owl-lovers of yesteryear, they who helped run Big Timber out of town? Perhaps they've forgotten that owls rely on their acute senses of sight and hearing to hunt in the dark. Both of these are severly compromised by traffic and generator noise, and glowing hoops. Diminished territory and natural prey have forced many animals to depend on garbage dumps and domestic livestock for their survival.

While county officials tweak ordinances and haggle over land usage, the Green Rush destroys more and more of our biodiversity and quality of life.

Please, let's get it under control and have peace again.

Betty Crowder, Honeydew

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