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Which Earth First!?




I just read the article on the McKay Tract, and one paragraph stood out among the rest — Trees Foundation funding for Earth First! Humboldt. In the lawsuit brought against the Trees Foundation, by a donor who attempted to make a $185,000 donation to North Coast Earth First!, the Trees Foundation stated that they had never supported nor given funding to North Coast Earth First! They also said that the Earth First! offices that were funded by them were run by Trees Foundation volunteers for Earth First! [Ed. note: For background on this dispute, see  “Money On Trees,” Oct. 4, 2007.]

So who is the Trees Foundation volunteer running the Earth First! office now? Or are they just giving the money to Earth First!ers to run their office?

It seems that the “EF! Humboldt” people got what they wanted when they were betraying me in and outside of the courtroom during the Trees Foundation trial. I always felt that my former so-called friends and associates were turning on me and the generous donor as a financial investment, hoping to get more Trees Foundation funding in the future, a reward for backstabbing an old friend.

While I’m happy to see treesits still happening, I can’t fully support the organizers who turned their backs on the truth and displayed the kind of behavior you would expect to find in the cutthroat corporate world. It’s a shame what money and greed can do to people.

Shunka Wakan, Arcata

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