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Which Laws?



Terry Patterson's criticism ("Mailbox," Dec. 10) of Judy Hodgson's editorial on gun control ("Tipping Point?" Dec. 3) pointed to more than 2,000 gun laws now on the books not enforced, apparently intended to demonstrate the futility of passing more gun control laws.

I've seen the "thousands-of-gun-laws-are-unenforced" argument cited in the past by defenders of gun rights, so I went to Google where, under "unenforced gun laws," I found reference to two articles, one telling of a failure of authorities at all levels to enforce some laws, and the second crediting the NRA with frustrating enforcement of the Brady Act control provisions.

I did not read the articles (or any of the many others cited), sensing facts set forth both for and against Patterson's thesis.

Perhaps someone, more dedicated than I, can by review of these articles find some compelling ammunition in support (or derogation), of one side or the other.

Charles Tillinghast, McKinleyville

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