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A) McClure went to court to keep this phrase in a voter information pamphlet regarding a hospital tax measure, and won.

B) Brady was referring to a resolution approved by a 4-1 majority supporting the human rights of Eureka citizens.

C) Elvine-Kreis left the building with a scathing letter for former Public Defender David Marcus who, to put it mildly, he found to be underqualified.

D) Savage contributed to our very popular Unpopular Opinions issue.

E) Mills was responding to a snarky email from Parks and Recreation director Miles Slattery about the time and resources the two departments have put into addressing homelessness. This quote is actually from 2015, part of our two-part retrospective on the attempts to clean out the PalCo Marsh.

F) Sparks, on why the city chose to send out a press release accusing local slumlord Floyd Squires of a salacious quid pro quo deal with a tenant who was later charged with arson.

G) Arkley’s big reveal about how he bought 250 submerged acres of saltwater marsh, as part of his argument to the city that it should open up public bidding for Tuluwat Island ... so he can buy it. (Capitalization his.)

H) Kelly, who writes about marine life for the Journal’s new “Washed Up” column, delivers an existential treatise on the giant salp.


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