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Whose Values?



Christine Chapman (Mailbox, Jan. 26), have you ever asked yourself whose tradition you're basing your family values on? It's not the Bible, and it certainly isn't Christ. It's more likely Queen Victoria than anyone, and the intolerance of the culture keeping your traditions and their values created the counterculture in the first place. This is because you are not doing what Jesus would do, which is the counterculture.

You approve of husbands having multiple wives, following the tradition of Abraham, Jacob and David. Perhaps no wives, as Christ ...?

Your congregation supports those who are pro-abortion, following the tradition found in the Book of Numbers, chapter 5, detailing a potion to cause miscarriages. It is how your tradition values a jealous husband in the family. Surely you at least make an exception for the pregnant women killed by those conquering in the name of your god ...

Your beloved pastor must be enlightened enough to know that the proper translation of Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13 is: "The husband who has sexual intercourse with a male, more than sexual intercourse with the one who is the wife, has turned his back on YHWH." It says nothing of those who are not married, or that a man can't marry another man.

Our battle is not against flesh and blood. Weak men talk about other men. Strong men discuss ideas. A sign of true intelligence is being able to hold opposing ideas in your mind at the same time, without losing your composure. Strength does not come from separation, nor does morality come from a book. Whatever the case may be, the god of the Bible does not dwell in houses built by men's hands.

Ryan Greenwood, Arcata


It's hard to see how Pastor Bramwell "is still standing on God's word and values" as was stated in the "Traditional Family Values" letter. 

I'm quite sure that Jesus said we are supposed to love other people. We're supposed to lay down our lives for them. And there aren't any exceptions. 

I never hear anything from Christians about how they bothered to get to know gay people. To make friends with them. To love them in any way.

It's very clear in the Bible. You could look it up. 

You also might consider Matthew 23:27.

Nan Roberts, Eureka

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