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Why I Marched

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I joined the Women's March on Jan. 19 because it's a unique global phenomenon, one of the most visible and effective demonstrations of the upwelling of the feminine principle — in all genders. This upwelling comes out of a natural human instinct for self-preservation. Our survival as a species, and certainly any peace and security we now have, are threatened by a disastrous and unsustainable dominator culture in which men dominate women, other men and Earth.

I needed to add my small spark to the millions across the planet and be ignited by them, as well. I needed, once again, the renewal the march gave me in 2017 and 2018. These last years have been a long, hard slog against a vicious pummeling from a crumbling, panicked patriarchy.

A flaw in the makeup of the planning committee could have been remedied in various ways — making sure the speakers this year and the planning committee next year were suitably diverse, for instance. Canceling the march and attempting to deprive this community — including the entire range of our diversity — of the opportunity to join in a worldwide affirming and strengthening of the feminine spirit was a sad overreaction that only served to divide and weaken us.

I'm very grateful to Linda Atkins and Kathy Srabian for stepping in to make the Women's March happen Jan. 19.

Margaret Emerson, Arcata


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