I applaud the decision Jennifer Savage made regarding not to comment on the “Where to Surf” article (Dec. 3). My Grandpa never talked about his favorite fishing holes, and I don’t let people know where the best places are to pick blackberries. Why ruin a good thing!

Karen Ann Clement-Douez, Eureka



Hank Sims is a dork. I hope Jen kicks his butt.

Jeff Powers, Moonstone Heights



Can the North Coast Journal reporters manage to find a way not to go after each other? Spare us the preachy condemnations of Bob Doran for not outing his wife to a raging mob and the outing (twice in one article) of Jennifer Savage, who obviously prefers to keep her surfing spots private.

Surely you can find a few true scoundrels in the community who are far more deserving of your wrath than your fellow reporters.

Gordon Inkeles, Arcata


Ed. reply: Doubtful.


Sweet Spot: Tough choices -- this is maybe the best NCJ letters column ever. In the end, though, we’re going to have to reward Jeff Powers’ haiku-like simplicity and purity of purpose. He wins a Bon Boniere sundae for sending our favorite letter of the week.*

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