Without the Mill 

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OF 7
Evergreen Pulp Mill. Photo by Heidi Walters.
Jeff Clark, millwright, has worked at the pulp mill since 1968. Photo by Heidi Walters.
The union hall in Manila. Photo by Heidi Walters.
Tommy Lawler was just getting going in the instrumentation apprenticeship program at the mill. Photo by Heidi Walters.
Vocational counselor Tom Deffenderfer (left) and mill worker David Corral. Photo by Heidi Walters.
Thirty of the recently laid-off Evergreen mill workers have already gone to the Job Market — a multi-agency resource center in Eureka — to get started on a retraining/re-employment plan. Anyone can go to the Job Market to look at job listings and use othe
Humboldt County’s Employment Training Division runs about a 90-percent success rate in getting people employed, says manager Joe Davey. After one year, about 80 percent of those are still working. Photo by Heidi Walters.
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Evergreen Pulp Mill. Photo by Heidi Walters.

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