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Reflecting on the Capitol Riot



So ... five people died stemming from the events of Jan. 6, 2021, in Washington, D.C., and many more have been injured. The People's House has been breached and desecrated. A crowd of Trump supporters, exhorted to violence by President Trump, Donald Trump Jr. and Rudy Giuliani was responsible. That this would happen was predicted by many over several weeks and months; most notably by Gabriel Sterling, an election official from Georgia, on Dec. 1 as he was thoroughly explaining and debunking disputes point by point. While people died and were injured, Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley persisted in opposing the Electoral College results from Arizona and Pennsylvania. This, in spite of all the recounts, investigations and judicial opinions saying that the election was fair. Claims of fraudulent results, repeated over and over by Trump, his enablers and many Republican members of Congress, were the proximate cause of this debacle. To repeat, five people died and many more were injured. Donald Trump should be removed from office immediately and, with respect, Republicans of all stripes who voted for and supported him should be re-examining what they have wrought these past four years.

Raymond A. Lacy, Arcata


I want to hear from local government condemning the shocking events in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6. I want the Board of Supervisors and city councils to issue statements in support of the peaceful transition of power. No branch of government is too small or too humble to weigh in on this. 

I want to hear the leadership of all political parties and all elected officials, no matter the party, issue similar statements.

As a nation we have obviously failed to teach basic civics and democratic values. We need now to hear leaders at every level defend our democracy, educate the citizenry about the peaceful transition of power that defines our system of government and defend our Constitution. Speak up now.

Nancy Short, Eureka


Your letter writer from last week really pulled out all the stops (Mailbox, Jan. 7). He certainly didn't leave much out. I'm surprised he didn't include blaming Trump for the Black Death! But that's about it.

When Antifa and Black Lives Matter were rampaging through the cities burning and looting you didn't hear a peep from either the Democrats or the Republicans. But now members of the right wing are flexing their muscles, it's Pearl Harbor all over again (a date that will live for ever in infamy). If it had been Antifa or BLM trashing the Capitol, the building would end up a smoking ruin.

Anyway, if Trump runs again he certainly has my vote.

Richard Brown, Eureka


I had hoped that the riots at the Capitol would bring us together. Like after the attack on 9/11. All good Americans condemned the riots and destruction. But the corrupt media just couldn't pass up the chance to drive us into our corners again. They had to paint all those at the protest as traitors, rioters, rubes and subhuman. Once again they set up the us-against-them scenario. The old divide and conquer. I will not be tricked by the media to hate anyone based on their political party preference. "If you want peace you don't talk to your friends, you talk to your enemies." — Desmond Tutu

And now the media is censoring and canceling free speech. Thus making sure we can't talk to each other. How do we heal if we are prevented to freely communicate with each other? Better to divide us by race, gender, class and ideas. The corrupt media is content with pouring fuel on the fires of hate and division.

Eric Cortez, Eureka

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