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Wrongs Righted



I have come to see that if we are to continue as a species, wrongs will have to be righted.

I can hardly bear knowing of the 1860 massacre which occurred on Duluwat Island (NCJ Daily, Oct. 17). It is right that the city of Eureka decided to return Duluwat Island to the Wiyot Tribe. As written by Thadeus Greenson: "The island is considered the physical and cultural center of the Wiyot universe, a sacred piece of land with the power to bring balance to all else."

It is on Duluwat Island that the Wiyot tribe holds the World Renewal Ceremony. They were in the midst of this ceremony in 1860. The tribe gathered on the island in 2014 to complete that ceremony.

There are plans for a World Renewal Ceremony in 2020. I feel that all life will benefit from such an event. Wrongs must be righted.

Maureen Kane, Arcata

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