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Yay, Eureka!



Thank you for your informative interview with Miles Slattery ("The Blight Fight," Nov. 24) concerning Eureka parks and public spaces. Properly designed and maintained parks, trails and public use areas can radically alter our neighborhoods for the better. After observing, first hand, 24 years of drug deals, vandalism, litter and "off road" vehicle use in what was Eureka's biggest winter mud pit at the foot of Truesdale Street, our city staff's efforts to convert that area — now the Hikshari Trail — has produced a tremendous positive change in that neighborhood.

Your commercial fishing fleet has benefited directly from the actions of Miles Slattery, Jeff Raimey and the rest of the staff in the operations and maintenance of Eureka's Fishermen's Terminal, the waterfront boardwalk and Eureka mooring basin. Under their care, fishermen have a great place to work and the general public has a safe, welcoming place to watch your fishing fleet at work.

As a member of the Humboldt Fishermen's Marketing Association Board of Directors, I offer our thanks to the city of Eureka!

Ken Bates, Eureka

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