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Yeah, About Bernie

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I'd like to offer a response to Jake Pickering's recent letter (Nov. 14) and the idea that "politics inform everything," including Bernie Sanders, music and Russia.

I volunteer with the grassroots Bernie 2020 Humboldt group because I believe that Bernie's ideas and proposals would benefit working families throughout Humboldt County. Part of the work of our campaign is correcting misconceptions about Bernie with factual information, or what we like to call "receipts."

For example, the author refers to "older, Soviet-era American socialists" as "Bernie Bros." This is a term Bernie's opponents began using during the 2016 campaign to perpetuate a fiction that Bernie was not supported by women. Bernie has high approval ratings among women and I encourage readers to watch inspiring speeches in support of Bernie from a diverse squad of leaders, including Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Sen. Nina Turner, Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz and author Naomi Klein.

Regarding music and the idea that "politics inform everything," I'm happy to tell people about Bernie's musical connections and some of the artists who have endorsed him. Bernie himself recorded an album of folk songs and spoken word in 1987 and is supported by Ariana Grande, Cardi B and Killer Mike. I recommend readers check out musical performances from recent "huge" Bernie rallies by Jack White, Ozomatli and The New Power Generation.

A few points about Russia merit response. The charge of Bernie being a "supporter of Soviet totalitarianism" is not demonstrated by his record. Bernie has long championed democratic principles and stands against authoritarian forms of government. Bernie's plans to empower the working class is a powerful antidote to interference in the electoral process from not only foreign governments but also from the American billionaires and Super PACs that are trying to manufacture consent and buy our elections.

Rob Amerman, McKinleyville


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