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Yes on O!



A long time Humboldt resident, I've seen economic conditions and communities wax and wane. But one thing stays the same: the need for essential services.

Measure Z has hired sheriff's deputies to patrol where none were available before. It's helped rural EMS organizations provide service and much more. Basically, it worked!

Why renew it every five years? It requires time, energy and funds to put on the ballot and promote, it will be fought by those who feel a tax, any tax, is just another "government grab." We can vote it out later.

For those worried about making it permanent because they don't trust county government use of the funds, Measure O has safeguards: an Independent citizen's advisory committee, financial audits and spending information as well as the fact that the process of allocating the funds is accessible to all. Also, it's protected from state or federal government appropriation.

Dottie Simmons, Dinsmore


I have worked as a paramedic for 28 years in the Willow Creek area. Over the years, I have seen many positive life-saving outcomes due to Hoopa Ambulance being able to fund an Advance Life Support (ALS) Ambulance located in the Willow Creek area. Before we were relocated to the Willow Creek area, our response time was 25 minutes up to an hour.

Due to the Measure Z funding, our response time for motor vehicle accidents on the 299 corridor is about 11 to 14 minutes, we are about an hour and 15 minutes from a Level 3 hospital. Our average response for medical calls is around five minutes, with an hour and 15 minute to a cardiac center. The Measure Z funding that is provided to the ambulance allows us to maintain ALS coverage 24/7. This saves lives. Please support Measure O.

Rod Johnson, Orleans

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