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Yes on V

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When I started this Measure V initiative, I was one. By February, we grew to a hundred. By July, to thousands. Now we are in the most difficult lap to the finish. We are a grassroots group struggling to raise funds to educate voters. For every dollar we raise, opponents raise thousands more — more than $135,000. Their campaign is based on the threat of taxpayer expense that is nonexistent; V pays for itself through park homeowners' monthly payments.

Will Humboldt voters allow multi-million dollar corporations, whose money is made off the backs of our poorest and most vulnerable citizens, to buy votes by scaring everyone with lies so they can continue exploitation of mobile home park residents, eventually decimating 9 percent of Humboldt's affordable housing? Tell everyone you know to vote YES on V — together we can stop the 1 percent, just like David stopped Goliath. Go to humboldtmobilehome.org.

Hilary Mosher, McKinleyville


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