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Yes Walmart!?




That's right, yogadon is asking you guys to give up all the resistance to W-Mart ("Where's WalMart," Aug. 11). I call on all the hippies and yuppies and puppies, the vegans and veggie, yogies and bogies, the mommies and babies, and yes the rednecks and no-necks and bookworms and carnivores!!

I really, really, really want "them" to build "IT."... (Their motto is, "If we build it, then they must come.") I ask you guys ... must we come? Maybe we will have an opportunity as a community to demonstrate otherwise. What a litmus test for Humboldt ashram.

We don't have to put our money where their mouth is. We can break the "spell of consumerism."  It can begin here. ... If not here, then where? What is everybody so afraid of?

We will band together. ... We will take pictures and post them of any of you who shop there. No problem if you are proud of it, right?

Are ya in? Let's turn this into something bigger than W-Mart!

Don Robertson, Eureka


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