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Does the NCJ ever print a letter that isn't anti-Trump, demonizing Republicans, stereotyping those with opposing views, mocking the "Christian God," against any growth, not questioning climate change and blaming the white race for most evils since the dawn of time?

You know, about 40 percent of Humboldt doesn't march to the beat of your drum. I know all too well how it is to be a minority but your biased writings are ridiculous. There are two sides to every topic and story, but the Journal seems to deny its readers that privilege. If you aren't going to give all sides a fair platform, just be honest and state it so we all know what to expect. Everyone knew where Pravda stood.

I am a dark Hispanic man who is registered as an Independent. But as I read the NCJ, I am lost in a maze of leftist dogma that is unchallenged week after week. We are told that those who doubt "climate change/global warming" are flat earthers who don't believe in science. But if one says there are two biological sexes according to science, they are mocked and called silly names. Can't have it both ways, gotta' be fair if you want any credibility. Any periodical that is slanted left or right is good for wrapping fish and not much more. How about offering writings that challenge thought instead of reaffirming one's prejudice?

Assume your readers are not idiots and want to get all information and then decide for themselves. You know, like they do in free nations with a free and honest press.

Eric Cortez, Eureka

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