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You Are the Cure


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I felt heartened when I read Dr. Lindsay’s statement regarding swine flu — “We’re focusing on prevention efforts” — but then was surprised that nothing other than covering mouth and nose when sneezing, washing hands frequently and getting vaccinated was mentioned (“The Coming Flu,” Aug. 27).

Here in Humboldt where so many people grow plants of one sort or another, we know that a healthy plant is naturally disease-resistant. Likewise, a healthy body is naturally disease resistant. There’s a non-controversial list of things people can do to become healthier and boost their natural resistance: Eat more vegetables, eat less sugar, get plenty of rest and exercise daily (a 20-minute walk does wonders!). Vitamin C supplements also support the immune system.

Common sense measures, leading to a healthy life.

Sara Sunstein, Arcata

Sweet Spot: *Lotta hyperbole going around this week. Though our gut tells us that there’s more to flu-fighting than Sara Sunstein would suggest, good advice is good advice. She wins a Bon Boniere sundae for sending our favorite letter of the week, and we’re curious to see if she will risk H1N1 infection by eating it.*


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