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You Break It, You Buy It




Congratulations and thank you for the objective information provided in "Mega-Village" (Aug. 5). Within the complex draft of the environmental impact report, Ryan Burns ably exposed the heart of this 3,000-plus page document, a quote by the project manager and confirmed by a senior county planner: "the County (Planning Dept.) was responsible for guiding the process ... and preparing the document." Therein lies the problem. Ultimately, the county Board of Supervisors will be held accountable for the lack of oversight over a county agency.

At the earliest scoping meeting on Feb. 2, 2007, local residents were perplexed and deeply concerned. It seemed this decision for a large commercial mall and almost 1,500 housing units — 16 per acre — had been all but approved. However, Burns possibly has revealed the basis of anxiety as caused by our planning department. In his article, the ownership and responsibility for the environmental impact report was clearly stated.

Thank you for the thorough and impartial tenor of this article.

Nancy Pritchard, Cutten


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