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'Zero Tolerance'



It's been reported in BuzzFeed and in the North Coast Journal that the Trump administration's Justice Department, under AG Jeff Sessions, has created the "Marijuana Policy Coordination Committee" ("Reefer Madness and Bongzilla," Sept. 6). This administration may intend to implement a nationwide zero-tolerance approach to marijuana similar to the current policy of zero tolerance in regards to the undocumented.

When the Justice Department starts to require local law enforcement to arrest and detain people on federal marijuana charges, will there be an outcry in our community for our local LEOs to take a pass on enforcing those laws?

The very same thing is already happening when it comes to the undocumented. Disappointingly, we hear push back both from our law enforcement officials and from some county supervisors (Estelle Fennell, in particular) that we cannot afford to pass Measure K. Why? Because "K" would codify that local LEOs not become lackeys for the Trump regime in the enforcement of immigration laws.

Either we stand united as a community for our values and our right to self-determination or we buckle under the pressure of this out-of-control administration and its policy of zero tolerance.

Vote Yes on Measure K.

Richard Salzman, Arcata

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