When a trio of college girls arrive at a remote cabin for a weekend getaway, their vacation is quickly jeopardized by a hungry bear, a menacing hunter, and the girls' own party-crashing boyfriends. However, these preliminary disturbances are nothing compared to what lurks in the lake by the cabin: The result of a local chemical spill, a horde of bloodthirsty, zombified beavers closes in on the unsuspecting co-eds. It isn't long before the kids are engaged in a life and death struggle with the ferocious ZOMBEAVERS, but it turns out that the creatures themselves are only the beginning of their nightmare.

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  • Jordan Rubin


  • Bill Burr
  • Cortney Palm
  • Rachel Melvin
  • Jake Weary
  • Hutch Dano
  • Rex Linn
  • Brent Briscoe
  • Lexi Atkins


  • Al Kaplan
  • Jon Kaplan

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