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'A Few Basic Facts'



The Journal's publisher, Judy Hodgson, cited three reasons for denouncing President Trump ("Enough, Mr. President," Aug. 16). One was a "daily barrage of tweet-lies" such as the one about California's wildfires being magnified by all that water gratuitously diverted into the Pacific. Another reason was his many "vicious personal attacks." She listed a few targets: Don Lemon, John McCain, the FBI. Her biggest issue with Trump is his sweeping indictment of the news media as being "the enemy of the people."

Two supporters of Trump responded in the next issue by accusing Hodgson of being condescending, righteous and self-indulgent. Perhaps it hurt their feelings that she began her piece on a note of incredulous outrage and horror that Trump made it into office to begin with. Undeniably, we humans do tend to look down on whoever disagrees with us, especially about political issues. It's regrettable but everybody says condescending, righteous things — including those who complain about it.

So let's toughen our skins and focus on the issues. We urgently need critical thinking, communication skills and, above all, solid information. If you agree with Trump's opinion of the news media, tell me where you get your information from. If it's not news media, what is it? How has that source earned your trust? Communication is futile if we can't agree on at least a few basic facts.

These are strange times when "the left" is on the same side as the FBI and the CIA and "the right" is cutting Russia all kinds of slack. There has always been something fishy about that simplistic divide between left and right, anyway. We're being manipulated, folks! Time to get smart and focus on the issues.

Martha Walden, Westhaven

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