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A General Nuisance



Just what we don't need ... A Dollar General "convenience" store selling sugared products, canned and processed foods, beer and the like ("So Many Questions," April 26). And, guess where this store is to be located? Right across the street from McKinleyville High School.

The store location also abuts the Ocean West Senior Village, residents of which will have to deal with the impacts of such a store on a daily basis. While there may be a few benefits to having one of these stores in our neighborhood, the negative effects will obviously outweigh the positive as has been proven in other neighborhoods. The added traffic on the already very busy Murray Road, the security lights from the store, the high potential for increased crime in the area, the ever-present trash and litter that will accumulate, the associated noise, the safety of the high school children crossing the street and the many other negatives that accompany this type of business make this a very poor decision.

A new Dollar General (corporate) store may create a half-dozen minimum wage jobs but the negative economic impact to existing competitors in the area can be far-reaching, resulting in loss of business and ultimately vacant buildings and blight in the community. If you, too, are against such a store in our community, let your elected officials know it. Remind them that they work for you, and that you vote!

Ralph Cannon, McKinleyville


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