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A Military Parade of Shock and Awe or a Circus Cavalcade of Compunctious Consumption

One Native's perspective



In all his self-aggrandizing bluster, the great orange father has proposed, at various times, a military parade to brashly venerate his presidency with marshalled aplomb. He has glommed onto this idea from viewing similar machinations of muscular might by our European allies and in the history reels of yore. I would dare hope his vision does not come replete with jackboots and goose stepping, but I would not be surprised if it didn't filter through, even if only in cadence and the bravado of pomp and circumstance.

Such sabre rattling has typically been used to show the world, and supposed enemies, the might and glory of the ruling leader and the massive forces he controls. The gleaming rifles and polished brass of the troops offset the insidious and desultory death that would descend upon the opponents of one's moral might. Artillery, tanks, missiles and other sundry machines of war go platooning by to punctuate the message of potential mayhem and misery that would be unleased on our nefarious foes, if given the order.

Such a display is intended to deter those who would harm the interests of American Democracy. The mere sight of our offensive potential would cause those who oppose our way of life to think twice about the inevitable destruction that would easily be rendered with upon our foes.

Don't get me wrong. I do stand behind the need to have a properly armed militia to keep our nation safe from enemies who would invade our territories. You need not remind a Native about the benefits of having properly established garrison of combatants ready to protect what you value and hold dear. We American Indians never did get that immigration policy right. Hence the paltry lot of leftovers thrown our way after the gluttonous feastings of Manifest Destiny.

This decadent display of military prowess would also have benefits for the death merchants who make such atrocities. The weapons industry would be put front and center in this vainglorious display of our country's armed forces. The world's stage would show what armaments our industries could muster out to the global customer who was willing to pay for such munitions.

But this is Native land. Let the people of this planet know that we are not forgetting past histories, nor glorifying future apocalyptic skirmishes. We should have a procession of multi-racial children to symbolize our efforts to improve this world for the future. We should see wave after wave of citizens armed with litter sticks and recycling bags. Get rid of plastics, heal our watersheds and stop depleting the environment. Global climate change is a reality we need to acknowledge while working fervently to restore our world to a state we can proudly hand down to the next generation.

The raging flames in our forests in a year-long fire season are the only war we need wage at this point in our society's ultimate struggle for survival. Mother Earth demands respect.

Just my two dentalias worth.

André Cramblit is an enrolled member of the Karuk Tribe. He still enjoys attending the Old Timers parade on Father’s Day in Orleans, where our Elders and veterans are celebrated

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