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A Quartet of Good Reads



Your Dec. 10 issue included four articles that I enjoyed. Ashley Harrell's cover story, "The Last Howlers," gave me hope because Shelby and Alexis Wickizer are vocally keeping alive — when "the nightly hubbubs . . . have largely faded out" — community support for folks in many front-line occupations dealing with COVID. Linda Stansberry's autobiographical piece, "Please Don't Cry in the Big Girl's Store," touched my heart, as her stellar style covered the important personal ground of fear vs. self-acceptance we bring from our childhoods. Rod Kausen's succinct "The Death of Leo Gallagher" brought to life a tragic event from 1928. Coach Kausen aptly described the impact of Gallagher's death on the Fortuna community and high school sports, and provided a perspective on local history for "newcomers" (I've lived in Humboldt County for only 43 years) like myself. "Rain and Steelhead Both on the Horizon," well, it shows why even non-anglers regularly read Kenny Priest's column for its tight, yet conversational, reports on our weather, rivers, ocean and fishing.

Neil Tarpey, Eureka

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