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A Show of Respect



I recently had the honor to be part of a funeral procession of a Korean War hero who had been missing in action (NCJ Daily, June 20). It was a touching event to see people lined up along the roadway with flags showing their respect. There was even two Highway Patrol officers saluting as we passed. That sight brought tears to my eyes and I heard later that I was not the only one.

My sympathies to the family. I am pleased they finally got their loved one back after so many years. I would like to thank the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office for the escort from the county line to Arcata. I would also like to thank my employer Pacific Builders for enthusiastically allowing me the time off for this special event.

As a child, I remember seeing funeral processions but as an adult I can't remember the last time I saw one. From what I witnessed during this procession, I have to assume not many drivers are familiar with them either so I thought I would give some helpful hints on funeral procession etiquette.

Tips for showing respect for a funeral procession: If you encounter cars with mourners, be polite, pull over and wait for them to pass before proceeding; Once the lead car has entered traffic, such as going through an intersection — the entire procession will follow without interruption. Even if their traffic light is red and yours is green, you must stop and allow the procession to continue through the intersection until all cars in the procession have passed; Show respect by not honking your horn, revving your engine or acting impatient in any way; Don't try to join the procession or cut into it in any way.

It only takes a moment to show respect, imagine if it was your loved one in the hearse.

Carol Nelson, Blue Lake

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