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'A Terrible Legacy'



Humboldt State University officials seem to continue to think that the hornet's nest they've stirred up will eventually burn itself out (Mailbox, July 12).  VP for "Advancement" Craig Wruck, who has apparently accomplished everything else in his job description at HSU, has now turned his micro-managing eye to KHSU and does not like what he sees.

His solution after six years of benign neglect has been to shake things up with big actions like the firing of longtime Programming Director Katie Whiteside, on down to small potatoes like denying a volunteer a keycard to access the studio — a volunteer slated to cover some of Katie's former tasks. 

Mr. Wruck and President Lisa Rossbacher, I came to HSU in September of 1975, a naive 17 year old. I was delighted to find KHSU almost immediately on my radio receiver. Over the years I have grown from a listener to a supporter to a volunteer. I have been a member of the Community Advisory Board for as long as your combined years here.

You have yet to show us any vision, any long-term plan for KHSU, but appear content to chip away at the very people who comprise the heart and soul of the station. Allowing Peter Fretwell to remain in place demonstrates your contempt for this community. Your misunderstanding of this place that so many have chosen to make their home after their years at HSU is baffling.

And that's a terrible legacy for any administrator. 

Barbara A. Boerger, Eureka


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