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'A Turd-Whirled County'



In the April 26 North Coast Journal issue, our gifted editor Thadeus Greenson spells it out again, as usual ("So Many Questions"). He writes, "When asked about the biggest environmental challenges facing the county, both candidates pointed to the cannabis industry, particularly the estimated 10,000 or so farms that haven't taken any steps toward compliance." Ten thousand noncompliant farms — unbelievable! And "... there are supervisors who have taken large campaign contributions from the cannabis industry."

Think: Many of our pristine waterways and hillsides are poisoned by oil, herbicides and pesticides and miscellaneous filth. The county is awash with a culture of illicit turbulence and traffic. We are on our way toward becoming a Turd-Whirled County. How much more crap can we accommodate? One supervisor candidate has not — and will not — take contributions from large players in the cannabis industry. Find out who that person is and vote accordingly. It is time to flush the pot!

John Wiebe, Trinidad


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