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'A Very Troubling Subject'

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Becoming great or grand are preposterous goals; however, quite recently, I became a great-grandfather! This designation doesn't offer many special rights, nevertheless, as a male of the species, I am about to trespass on a very troubling subject: 'Abortion.' This procedure is obviously traumatic for those directly involved, regardless of the reason for the choice. (Years ago, my Mennonite mother had a miscarriage; I remember how reverently my parents buried the embryo. They were saddened. All life is a precious gift!)

As you probably know, abortion was the dominating focus for countless millions of voters during the last general election. In 2016, Mr. Trump, very adroitly, changed his position on this issue. I was also surprised to discover that during the administration of H.W. Bush, abortion rates increased. Incredibly, when pro-choice was in place during the Clinton and Obama administrations, abortion rates decreased dramatically. The reasons being: availability of affordable contraception, fewer teenage pregnancies, better education and a better economy. (I may have been misinformed. If in doubt — please check it out.) 

John Wiebe, Trinidad


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