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'Acrid Commentary'



While browsing for movies to watch in the "Now Playing" section of the NCJ (Screens, May 19), I was taken aback by the 2000 MULES listing. Instead of finding a synopsis of what 2000 Mules was actually about, my eyes were greeted by an acrid commentary.

In fairness to all the readers of NCJ, I would like to have it known what 2000 MULES is about. 2000 MULES examines what is on the minds of many voters, as our June 7 elections draw near: the integrity of our voting system. 2000 Mules is a well-documented, in-depth examination of the vulnerability of the system through mail-in ballots and the use of drop off boxes. Using video footage, geotracking, mathematics and the testimony of a whistle-blower concerning people or "mules" who are involved in carrying out the felonies, D'Souza reveals how the voting process has been corrupted.

Elena Wright, McKinleyville

Editor's Note: In fairness to our readers, we need to respond to the above letter to say NPR, Reuters, USA Today, the Associated Press, The Washington Post and even Fox News have thoroughly fact checked the claims in 2000 Mules and found that not only does the movie fail to provide any evidence of widespread voter fraud — the same conclusion reached by U.S. elections security officials, former Trump-appointed Attorney General William Barr and some 50 state and federal judges — but the movie is also based on "flawed analysis" and "faulty data." D'Souza, meanwhile, really did plead guilty in 2014 to violating federal law by making campaign donations in the names of others to sidestep contribution limits. As such, we stand by the Journal's May 19 summation of 2000 Mules: "Another steaming pile of propaganda and right-wing bullshit from Dinesh D'Souza, who pled guilty to felony charges stemming from illegal campaign contributions in 2014."

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