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Adequate Shelter



I sure wish the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors would declare a housing crisis ("Not Another Winter to Wonder," Feb. 15). In October of 1989, my husband wrote a "guest opinion" in the Life and Times pleading for help with homelessness in Southern Humboldt. Now, 28 years later, Peg Anderson has very astutely written in the NCJ the same plea. The homeless and financially struggling need housing. They need mercy, justice and help now!

Jeanne Mattole, Honeydew


Peg Anderson's quietly eloquent opinion piece ("Not Another Winter to Wonder," Feb. 15) described the homeless issue as "the most painful and central issue facing our nation." As she points out, it is central to our children's development, as they learn to view the hypocrisy of both church and state as normal, and accept a vile caste system ... central also in its indoctrination of the same callousness and hypocrisy abroad, where we starve, bomb and murder whole populations in the name of democracy.

Ellen Taylor, Petrolia

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