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What??? Another Election in Humboldt — now?? ("Top 10 Stories of 2020," Dec. 31.) Yes! and all over California! An important election for Democrats. We have an opportunity to vote for candidates to represent our progressive views in the California Democratic Party. Voting is easy this time: Click on www.adem.cadem.org and request a mail-in ballot. When it comes, please vote for the Progressive/Labor Slate, for candidates who, if elected, will uphold progressive views and work for progressive goals in setting priorities for the CDP. There are 13 candidates on the Slate, including seven from Humboldt County: Kellie Shaner, Cheryl Seidner, Sarah Brooks, Lisa Welch, Geoffrey Robinson, Pete Loetterle and David Frank. If elected, they will serve two-year terms and work to shape the CDP to work for a better future for all of us, not just the rich and powerful who have dominated California politics for far too long.

Peggy Dickinson, Eureka

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