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'All Beautifully Composed'



I was a little late in reading the July 2 edition of the North Coast Journal. 

Having done so, I would like to acknowledge and thank the following: Michael Evenson, Emily Seigel, Harry Kavich, Sherman Shapiro, Lynn McKenna, Fionna M. Davis, Robert Cherry, Nancy Short and Andrew Offenbacher.

And the North Coast Journal for publishing this list of remarkable letters to the Editor (Mailbox, July 2).

Go to your recycling bag now or go online and find a copy. Reread those letters. So many different opinions on so many different subjects pertaining to our local issues.

All well thought out. All beautifully composed.

What an amazing community we all share.

What a great resource is the North Coast Journal for sharing these thoughts and opinions.

Roy Marin, Eureka

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