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An 'Easy' Solution



So, three mass shootings in as many days ("We Will Not Hide," Nov. 24).

I am musing on this as I struggle to open my bottle of Vitamin B Complex, sealed with plastic around the cap and then — surprise! — another seal under the cap with an "easy tab." Easy? Really? I may need to ask my partner for help, but he's swearing, engaged in trying to hack open the new salt container. "Since when," he says, through gritted teeth, "has salt become such a potential hazard that it needs layers of safety packaging?" He's chiseling at the carton with a knife by now. I'm envisioning a visit to the ER. (Why hasn't there been a class-action lawsuit for those injured by impenetrable packaging?)

"Since the time before we had such easy access to firearms, and some disaffected guy killed people by poisoning Tylenol," I answer, ripping at the easy tab. Our way of dealing with that was apparently to make products so hard to access that most potential murderers give up, exhausted and probably injured, before carrying out their plan. My tab suddenly releases, spilling vitamins everywhere.

Hey, how about we sell guns in tightly sealed clamshell packages? Add multiple inner seals and some easy tabs. Bullets can be individually wrapped in child-proof containers which, when finally opened, reveal a stubborn inner seal, complete with "easy" access! Time for us to have the product protection we deserve.

You're welcome, America.

Nancy Short, Eureka

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