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Another Trump Tirade

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Another tirade on Trump ("The Grifter in Chief," Dec. 27)? How many has the NCJ run this year? Three, four? By the time we hit "good reporting is vital and thankfully something that still thrives," the shakes hit and damn near threw me off my chair.

From Trump's first day in office with the MLK bust to this year's Christmas with the troops, the press has been shown to be completely untrustworthy, biased, not objective, unfair, inaccurate, uncorroborated, undocumented and dangerous. What we have endured as "journalism" since the 2016 election are endless and tiring Anything-I-Can-Do-To-Destroy-Trump non stories. Then we have the bias by omissions, which simply means leaving out information that would not be favorable to support their bias. The accomplishments of Trump are never praised or even mentioned by the press. 

When hearing today's journalism described as "dedicated reporting from the nation's news media," it feels we stepped into Bizarro land. How could anyone write that statement with the evidence that is seen on a daily basis in today's press? Believing this is a total break from reality. "Bombshell" story after bombshell story turn into nothing or worse. It doesn't matter if it's factual; just be first.

Journalists have become activists for the left with many relying on social media and the internet as source for their stories. Once on social media, the story is out there whether true or not. The tiring, boring, daily slamming of the president is one thing but influencing the unstable/uninformed/unhinged with lies is another. Forty-two percent of the American public actually believe that Russia changed votes in the 2016 election, which is impossible. How are people manipulated into believing all this BS? Why, through the "... abundance of detailed reporting this year" from the media.

What we are experiencing now is not journalism. The press doesn't work anymore and it's broken.


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