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Thank you, Thadeus Greenson, for your editorial ("Incredibly Disappointing," May 16) regarding the incumbent Humboldt County supervisors' treatment and comments toward the newest board member Steve Madrone when he requested the board send a letter to the Bureau of Indian Affairs requesting the California Coastal Commission delay a hearing on the Trinidad Rancheria hotel project so local residents can provide input.

Not only was I appalled at Virgina Bass, Rex Bohn and Estelle Fennell being unwilling to work with Madrone on this issue but their comments — and the tone of said comments — were troubling.

What I heard was the "good old boy" and "business as usual" dismissal to not consider the request at hand in a civil manner.

Did Rex Bohn really think it was a good idea to state, "Respect is not given, it is earned?" on the heels of his lovely remarks regarding Latinos and stealing hubcaps? Not that I had a lot of respect for the man before but my opinion of him certainly tanked then.

I feel their refusal to consider the letter to BIA as requested and their snide remarks showed me I want some new bodies like Madrone sitting in the BOS chambers.

I agree with Madrone's request, though I am not a constituent of his district, and applaud his position and grace in the face of such treatment.

In light of the article "Got Water?" by Elaine Weinreb (May 16) concerning other issues of the Trinidad Rancheria hotel project, it seems more serious consideration should have been given to Madrone's request regarding a letter to BIA.

Erica Boyd, Garberville

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