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I am appalled that during a special meeting Aug. 9, the Humboldt County Fair Association Board of Directors opted to hold a county fair in the face of a major health emergency ("Hops in Humboldt Cancels Amid Rising COVID Cases; Fair Still Moving Forward," posted Aug. 10). The Delta variant pandemic is worse than the original version of COVID-19. Cases in Humboldt County are exploding and much higher than last year at this time. To encourage people to gather as if all is "normal" is beyond belief.

It is selfish and reckless that this organization is endangering unvaccinated children just before school goes back into session. It is terrifying to think what will happen in hospitals as this presumed super spreader event draws to a close.

Outdoor events, held in July when caseloads were lower, still became super spreader events. Now that the Delta variant is raging like a forest fire through the county, it is easy to see what will happen.

The Aug. 10 T-S headline indicates a 400-percent increase in cases. This will be multiplied with each day that the fair is in operation. Our clinics and hospitals have limited capacity and staff will become overwhelmed.

I call on the HCFA Board of Directors to proceed with aspects of the fair, including horse racing and Jr. Livestock Auction, without the public in attendance but cancel any activities that would draw the public to the fairground. The risk to our schools, our children, the unvaccinated and even those who are vaccinated is huge. I encourage public health officials and the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors to evaluate the risks and do what they can to avoid a catastrophe.

Stephen Avis, Ferndale

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