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As you noted in your last issue incumbents for the Humboldt County 4th and 5th district supervisorial races have significant financial advantages over their opponents. Supervisor Bass and Supervisor Sundberg at the end of January had contributions totaling 87 percent of the total amount of money raised for all candidates. I would like to encourage people who support a change in the present make-up of the Board of Supervisors to think about contributing to or helping out with the campaigns of one or more of these candidates: Steve Madrone is running against Supervisor Ryan Sundberg in the 5th District; competing for Virginia Bass's seat are Mary Ann Lyons and Danielle Burkhart. The opponents all have either websites and/or Facebook pages which can be accessed to get more information on how to help or to donate. In addition the North Coast People's Alliance (NCPA) has scheduled canvasses to assist both local and statewide candidates whom its membership has endorsed. NCPA, too, has a website and Facebook page with more information on its efforts.

Nancy Ihara, Manila

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