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'Beautifully Written'



We wish to thank Jennifer Fumiko Cahill for the beautifully written article about our local Muslim Community ("Iftar: Breaking the Ramadan Fast," June 6). How wonderful to learn how people from many different countries are able to join together in peace to worship the same God — the same God that we also worship — but by a different name. Hopefully this well-timed article will help all of us realize how much we have in common — as we celebrate our differences with tolerance, appreciation and an open heart.

Linda Bareilles, Eureka


Loved your article: factual, to the point and well-researched. I learned from you the etymology of Ramadan! 

My son-in-law thought I might find it interesting and I do. I like the colorful impressionistic vignettes and the final vibrant tableau. I could see the separate individuals with their sweet quirks, enjoyed the occasional humor and smelled the delicious food. I shouldn't have been fasting when I read it! 

Rachida Roberts, Eureka

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