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'Big Ball of Low Entropy'

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In his Oct. 31 comment (Mailbox) on my "Mirror Universes" column (Field Notes, Oct. 24), Charles Davy writes, "... the universe is not tending toward chaos at all, but rather is highly ordered and organized."

The Second Law of Thermodynamics (about as much of an actual "law" as we'll ever get) says otherwise; the cosmos is moving inexorably from a highly-ordered (low entropy) state to one of high entropy, what has been called "heat death" of the universe. Fortunately for us, we're able to temporarily maintain our local order thanks to that big ball of low entropy in the sky responsible for photosynthesis. When the sun goes out, any local order goes with it. My two-part column on entropy (Sept. 20, 2018, and Sept. 27, 2018) explains this in more detail.

Barry Evans, Eureka


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