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Ah, the relief when news broke that the Eureka Trucker's Parade had no sponsor this year; this fuel-wasting, folksy tradition would die a natural death, and perhaps be replaced by an event lauding our citizens' growing awareness of the climate crisis (NCJ Daily, Sept. 19). It matters not what caused climate change. Nobody but we the people can do anything about it. Events that waste precious resources and contribute nothing but pollution and outdated sentiment would be a good step forward.

But no, our resident Bohn-head decided he would sponsor it. Classic. The fellow never misses a chance to express his fundamental cluelessness as he shows off his love of Humboldt. Can't we love our place without killing it? 

So I ask you, Rex: How many gallons of fuel will be burned for this show of affection? How much carbon will our truckers and the people who drive to view the parade put into our atmosphere? And for what? What does the trucker parade accomplish? 

Can't we appreciate our working people in any other way? Maybe the truckers themselves will simply decline to participate. Perhaps they see a new way forward, even if our elected officials cannot. 

P. Givins, Arcata

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