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'Burger-lary Week'



Wasn't your Burger Week contest supposed to be a selfie contest ("Selfie Contest Winners," Oct. 6)? And yet, in one of the winning photos (St. Joseph's Emergency Department), not one of the individuals featured in the image is holding the camera. Therefore, that is not a selfie. I also do not believe that it was randomly selected. Rather, it was purposely chosen. Secondly, several of the "honorable mentions" were obviously taken by a person other than the one holding a burger. I worked hard to attempt my first-ever selfie and realized that framing a good picture is harder than it looks. I definitely have more respect for social media influencers who take selfies for a living.

My images were cool, but they did not even make the cut. How can I trust a news organization to provide unbiased coverage when it does not even follow its own rules? What a joke! Burger Week used to be cool; I will not be participating in the future. Maybe next year you should call the promotion Burger-lary Week, especially at these prices.

Gerald Stevens, Eureka

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