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Burkhart, Madrone, Paz Dominguez!



I have been dismayed by the misappropriation, mishandling, misplaced funds and corruption in this county, along with the "appointments" made for big money donors.

We have grassroots progressive candidates running who do not have the big pockets of their opponents but we do have our voices! I applaud the humanity, science and logic of Dani Burkhart running for Fourth District, Steve Madrone running for Fifth District and the common sense and balls of Karen Paz Dominguez running for auditor-controller, who has found some serious problems within the department.

We need people with the courage to fight for the people, and not just relax and rake in the money.

They also have the heart to support Senate Bill 562 because they know healthcare is a human right and not a commodity; the county should get out of the healthcare business!

They are endorsed by Our Revolution Humboldt and Humboldt Progressive Democrats.

Pat Kanzler, Eureka


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