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'Cancel Your Contributions'



Regarding the firing of longtime KHSU employee Katie Whiteside ("Consternation at KHSU," June 7), though I, along with many others, have emailed, written and/or called KHSU General Manager Peter Fretwell, Humboldt State University Vice President for Advancement Craig Wruck and HSU President Lisa Rossbacher, I fear that our consternation is falling on deaf ears. Peter Fretwell was responsible for firing Katie with Craig Wruck's and Lisa Rossbacher's blessings. It's hard to imagine they will back down from their initial stance unless the community makes a huge statement.

As of June 5, KHSU has lost approximately $27,000 in community support. Because two-thirds of KHSU's funding comes from community contributions, withdrawal of underwriter and member support is a powerful message to HSU's administration. I encourage more KHSU members and underwriters to withdraw their support. KHSU's budget can absorb a $27,000 loss, but can it absorb a loss of $50,000 or more?

KHSU's planned mini-pledge drive scheduled to begin on June 12, has, as of the writing of this letter (June 8 at 1:45 p.m.) been postponed by Dr. Rossbacher under advisement from KHSU's Community Advisory Board. Interestingly enough, KHSU office staff was unaware of the postponement and nothing about the postponement appeared on the KHSU website. Postponing the pledge drive could be a way to minimize public relations/financial damage rather than directly address the issues. So, until Mr. Fretwell is dismissed and Katie Whiteside is offered an opportunity to resume employment I will withhold any contributions. I would also encourage community members to call KHSU underwriters and ask them to withdraw their contributions. A list of underwriters can be found at khsu.org by typing "underwriters" into the search option. 

All of these actions can add power to our consternation. Please act now; call, write, email and cancel your contributions.

Kathleen Marshall, Arcata


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