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I found the NCJ's coverage of censored news stories ("The Billionaire's Press Dominates Censorship Beat," Dec. 22) quite ironic. I've been disappointed with the NCJ, feeling that they abdicated their responsibility to question and investigate the policies of the pandemic that weakened society, devastated our economy and suppressed the freedom necessary for human dignity. I saw no improvement in coverage in 2022.

Similarly, Project Censored continued to ignore the highly censored stories surrounding the COVID policies and vaccines. While the COVID narrative broke down visibly and ignominiously in 2022, both corporate and left leaning media failed to ask tough questions or hold officials accountable. They've largely ignored the release of Pfizer's safety data, which contains information that I find horrifying. Why wasn't that story included in their list of censored stories? 

Censorship in the media has become a serious threat to society. It needs to be rectified. Censorship also happens on other levels, starting with an individual's unwillingness to face uncomfortable information. Many who promoted the COVID policies and vaccines with zeal, have turned strangely silent and incurious. We need serious investigation and reflection. I hope more people find the courage to ask questions and demand accountability. 

Amy Gustin, Ettersburg

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