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Civics 101



Mr. Gianinni seems to be in need of a civics class (or at least a refresher course). In his letter regarding Congressman Huffman (Mailbox, July 4), he states, "If I had spent the last two years lobb(y)ing for my boss to be fired..."

Unlike what he (and, from what I can tell, President Trump) believes, the president is not "the boss" of Congress or anyone in it. One of Congress' jobs is, in fact, oversight of the Executive Branch, so clearly exercising that function is doing his job. As in fact, is passing bills — regardless of whether the president will sign or veto them. And I think I can let the congressman (if he chooses) answer as to what he's accomplished for this area.

And a note to Mr. Brennan (Mailbox, July 4): You call the investigations a waste of time and money that go nowhere. So, what did you call the — how many was it — investigations of Benghazi? With far less evidence of any wrongdoing.

David Schlosser, Eureka

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