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Community Radio at the Ox?



Let us let this whole KHSU debacle come to an end (Mailbox, May 2). Let's let the clueless administrators slink off into uncomfortable retirement. Let's welcome the new administration on board as we take a big, deep breath and try to start all over again. We are all still here. Staff, volunteers, sponsors and listener supporters.

But if it doesn't work out, if KHSU chooses to become Public Radio and not Community Radio, I have an idea. Is anyone else listening to Blue Ox Radio, KKDS, 97.7 on your FM radio dial? Straight out of the Eureka Slough at the corner of First and X streets. Blue Ox Millworks. Eric Hollenbeck's school for kids and adults in woodworking, crafting and life skills. His low-power station could become the new community radio station. Boost it. Support it. Bring in the sponsors and nonprofits. Simply change the station. KKDS. 97.7. Community radio for the North Coast. Hey, Eric?

Roy Marin, Eureka

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