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Here's a theory: Rachel Maddow recently had a segment on her show about Trump coming out with some really off-the-wall stuff (about Belarus, for instance, or Putin's annexation of Crimea, etc.) that wasn't on anybody's radar, anywhere in the world ... except for Russia's (Mailbox, Jan. 10).

I'd been wondering about it, too, so the suspicion took hold that Trump was somehow getting propaganda scripts directly from Russia to be trumpeted through the loudest megaphone on the planet, so to speak.

So how, I was wondering, could Putin be getting those talking points to Trump?

Well, you may have heard the seemingly unrelated stories of late about Trump using a plain old, easily hacked cell phone for his personal and presidential calls, which seemed downright weird given he has easy access to the most secure communications on the planet.

So — and here comes the theory — it dawned on me that the mystery pipeline might just be that cellphone, which would, in my fevered imagination, of course, not be a plain old normal cellphone but a special device with a secret, highly encrypted back-door straight to Putin.

Trump could have gotten it directly from Putin during one of their several, private (ahem) meetings or from one of Putin's underlings during one of their private meetings.

Douglas George, Eureka

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