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CPUC Putting Corporations Over Californians



The Associated Press reported last Friday, "California set to lower incentives for rooftop solar panels." The article recognized our aim of "weaning the state off oil and gas," and concluded "California must quadruple its solar and wind power to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045" ("Lease to Farm," Dec. 15).

When CPUC first proposed reduction/elimination of payments for clean electricity sent to utilities and an eightfold increase in the monthly fee that solar households pay for grid connections, it triggered so many calls and emails that Gov. Newsom rejected that proposal. 

CPUC's revision resulted in nothing that will encourage installation of additional solar systems. Instead, CPUC is attempting to curb opposition by proposing that higher costs and lower payments will not apply to those who have already purchased solar systems, but only to those who would do so in the future!

The California Public Utilities Commission should serve the California Public. Despite CPUC's claim that they're protecting ratepayers, it's obvious they're serving utilities and stockholders. 

How could a public utility commission object to distributed solar, which cuts utilities' costs of operating costly, inefficient fossil-fuel power plants? The answer is: Profits from large-scale, centralized power generation flow to stockholders and other investors. With distributed solar, financial benefits are distributed to individual households, farms and small businesses. 

We must show that we care about millions of ratepayers who will benefit from installing new solar systems and help us reach our climate goals. Please, again inundate Gov. Newsom's office with calls and emails: gov.ca.gov/contact.

Chip Sharpe, Bayside

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