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'Crickets from the Left'



Today we stand on the precipice of a nuclear war with Russia (Mailbox, Oct. 6). What is astonishing, is the complete silence from the liberals and progressives in this country. Where are the gray ponytails? The Humboldt Honeys? The Vietnam War protestors? We have been involved with a proxy war against Russia via Ukraine, and there is nothing but crickets from the left.

We have no national interest in Ukraine. Ukraine is not a NATO nation, yet we have sent them over $80 billion worth of military hardware and money in less than a year. I have never liked Putin, he is an ex-KGB chief. But in inserting ourselves into this war, we are putting our nation, our lives, the lives of our children in mortal danger. Russia is a nuclear super power. They are not El Salvador, Grenada or Iraq. Our "President" Biden has managed to destroy our economy, create shortages of baby formula, opened our borders and has allowed over 2 million illegal immigrants into our country. We went from being energy independent to energy dependent. Our fuel here in Humboldt is often at $7 a gallon. Instead of protesting this war, we are consumed with the "right" to kill our babies in the womb, and freaking out over a fish farm in Samoa. TDS has blinded the left. Just roll another joint. 

Omberto Silva, Rio Dell

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