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'Crocodile Tears'



There are many ways unscrupulous politicians will misguide their constituents. One nefarious way is through appointments.

Many local officials have the authority to appoint members to powerful committees, such as the planning commission — appointees whose predilections they know full-well in advance of the selection. These nominees often have well-established track records. Like those who've supported big-money development projects, the interests of the average constituent and the environment be damned.

Said official then cries crocodile tears to the citizenry about how "they" were never in support of said project, glossing over the fact that it was their appointee who voted for and, often, advocated for others to also vote for a developer's project.

I'd much rather live under an honest politician with whom I disagreed than the sort who duplicitously feigns concern while surreptitiously maneuvering to smooth the way for that which he or she now claims to oppose.

Richard Salzman, Arcata


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